The Real Meaning of mLearning

The mobile web has eradicated any wired person’s dilemma whether to be offline in the real world, or online and stuck in one location (an office cube, a living room, or worse, the basement).

Offline is now online, and online is offline.

mLearning will be the driver for Learning 2.0. Today’s smartphones and tablets – e.g. iPhones and iPads – are just the beginning. We now have real meaning when we say learning anytime anyplace. It first meant someplace other than the classroom. Now it means the freedom to learn when and where you need to know.

The implications for learning are as profound as the creation of the formal educational system. That system was created to support an Industrial Economy where mass production required mass consumption. Learning 1.0 was all about learning as an event, a beginning and an end, ADDIE, Kirkpatrick’s Levels, SCORM and ‘asses in classes”.

Learning 2.0 is all about performance, connection and conversation, mentoring and support, learning as a process that occurs over time and can now be supported with mlearning when and where you need to learn.

The implications for design and delivery are profound. Courselets. 10 minute time limits. Compelling emotional stories to pull a learner in and provide lessons from the real world …

… that’s only the beginning. There’s the added benefits of Social Media and Social Networking = Social Learning. The mind boggles …

Welcome to the new world of mLearning. Like my friend Marcia Connor says in one of her new Learnativity posts (which I recommend you RSS ASAP) “In Naming Elephants, Sue Hammond and Andrea Mayfield write, “Ignorance and knowledge grow at the same rate because the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.””

Get used to it … the more you can learn about mlearning, the more you know you don’t know. Like the unk-unk I use in groups to whom I speak. It means the unknown unknown. You can’t know what you don’t know. You can only keep learning, and discovering, and pushing the boundaries of your expectations aside.