All Communication is Education

I came across this presentation, and it’s two mantras about education and learning, and decided to post it for anyone reading this who has NOT yet made the connection …  social media, social networking,  online learning and more – much more – are all communication, and all communication is learning.

The second point is the one I have been hammering home for years, ever since the Knowledge Economy became the dominant way of life and living, like the Agricultural and Industrial Economy’s which it preceded.

“”Teachers are no longer the gatekeepers of knowledge.”

But they are more important than ever …

Plus there’s a third reason. I really like it when an outsider looks in at our industry, which tends like all others, to be  dominated by insiders. It a refreshing and in some instances, eye-opening experience.

So sit back and click through to see how you look from the outside …

I want to end it with a quote I recently found:

“You can’t manage knowledge. Nobody can. What you can do is to manage the environment in which knowledge can be created, discovered, captured, shared, distilled, validated, transferred, adopted, adapted and applied.”
Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell, Learning to Fly

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