Twilight Zone Music Please

You’re in a conference room filled with your team…

Suddenly they start to disappear, one by one until they are all gone … gone to the four corners of the world … in different places and time zones … they’ve been zapped by the Virtual Vortex and it’s now you’re job to manage them …

Where do you begin? … How do you communicate and keep in touch, educate and collaborate when there’s no one there?  … how can you make a team out of people who are spread out all over the place? …

You need to learn to use the Power of the Virtual Management …it’s far greater than you ever imagined, and perhaps even better than being there, like the good old days when everyone on your team was there … only there’s no ‘there’ anymore … it’s now everywhere.

Old Days of Being There New Ways of Being Everywhere
Choose people because they are there Choose the best team in the world – literally
Spend time setting up face-to-face meetings Save time meeting virtually
Finding a conference room and scheduling one Conference rooms in virtual space are always open
Communicating whenever you can meet Meeting whenever you need to communicate
Slowly gathering the troops to get their schedules so you can set-up a team meeting in that conference room Quickly finding openings in everyone’s schedule and setting up a virtual meeting across space and time
Setting up a classroom with all the parts and pieces and scheduling and wait listing involved Putting the learning online and letting people access it anytime and anywhere
… And don’t forget the lab for that course … labs need to be set-up every time there’s a course to teach A virtual lab has been found to be more effective and easier to use … create it once, use many times

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