Are You Analog or Digital?

Faster than a speeding blog post.
More powerful than a retweeted tweet
Able to leap small Internet Service Providers in a single bound.

Look! Anywhere in Cyberspace!
It’s a message. It’s a meeting. It’s VMman!

Yes, it’s VMman – Virtual Manager – strange visitor from another generation who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal f2f managers. VMman – who can change the course of mighty projects, bend program budgets with his virtual hands, and who, disguised as a mild mannered manager for a great multinational corporation, fights the never ending battle for better collaboration, communication and education to enable the American Way.

I recently finished a project that the client called “Mission Critical”. The program taught ‘analog’ managers how to be great virtual managers.

It was important because today all managers are managing virtual teams regardless of the location of the chair upon which they sit. Some do it far more effectively than others.

The older ‘analog’ managers were unwillingly thrust into the role of virtual manager. They were definitely virtual immigrants when it came to using the virtual tools at hand. For example, I heard things like “Hi! I’m calling to make sure you received my email message”.

And if you think there’s nothing wrong with that then you are an analog manager.

The ones known as the Digital Natives, the Gen X, Y and Z folks,  took to being Virtual Managers like ducks to digital water. They were the ones knew their message got to you. Since many of the Senior Managers are analog, it was incumbent upon them to learn how to be all digital all the time. That was the program we created.

I think we got closer than anyone else. I heard of one analog manager who got it and was sending pictures and emails of her trip to a factory that was being built in another country. One analog manager started a Project Blog. I even received a txt from a very senior manager that was all upper case since he was “…HAVING TOO HARD A TIME READING THE SMALL PRINT.”

I guess even in cyberspace size matters.

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