10 Important Lessons from 2010

These are the 10 most important lessons I learned in 2010.
What’s on your list?

1.The brain is hardwired by evolution for learning.
2. We spend a lot of time and money disabling the hardwired learning process.
3. Learning is a social experience – We learn the best when we learn with a group of people who also need  to learn what we need to learn.
4. Online learning is inherently an anti-social experience.
5. Social Media (SoMe) and Social Networking (SoNe) can help enrich and enable the online learning experience .
6. Learning in a business environment in the 21st Century needs to focus on know-how more than knowledge.
7. We need to flip online learning – especially virtual classes – upside down so they focus on performance, instead of a passing score.
8. Need to know (cognitive information) is best transferred using asynchronous learning technology.
9. Need to know-how  (behavioral information) is best transferred using synchronous and social learning technology.
10. We ignore most of what we have learned about how we learn. We let habit rule, instead of adopting and adapting what we now know about  enabling the  learning process.

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