The Future of Learning

Welcome to Learning in the Knowledge Economy

John Seely Brown is one of the best minds we have when it comes to how we learned in the 20th century, and more importantly, where we need to go in the 21st  … from a competitive strategy based on total command and control in a push-based economy that drove our educational model, to much more matrixed and collaborative organizations … from being organized around efficiency for mass production to being setup to focus on the “speed of learning … from push to pull where creativity is the key to this new economy ( read this for more ) .

Watch and learn …

One comment

  1. Howard · July 24, 2012

    I’m a big fan of JSB and the idea of Pull. I’ve been thinking, might I say obsessing, on the edge concept as defining a new place to work and learn. How does a business create a learning environment that is more like a carnival of ideas and inspirations. Do you think this has a place in business support


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