The Birth of the Global Mind

In the year 1989, I was standing at the end of a pier in Provincetown, Massachusetts looking out at the sunrise over the Atlantic with my good friend Jacques. I was a young researcher at Digital Equipment Corporation and had been working on DECnet, the world’s first corporate Internet. I remember turning to my friend and describing my work and telling him that we were entering a new amazing age where we were creating a “world brain” in which everyone would be connected and be able to work together.

Hello 2012. This amazing video has been popping up all over the place this week. It’s about the way we will learn to collaborate and innovate as a species. It’s over one-hour and worth every minute. I watched it in chunks. It’s a chronicles of the birth of the global mind, the only hope we really have for moving to the next stage of our evolution, away from several billion little monkey brains running around the planet in so many directions they cannot remember who they really are or why they are here. The answer by the way is

We are spiritual beings on a human journey

Tim O’Reilly: Birth of the Global Mind


I just wish I knew where to send the card congratulating the earth on the birth of the global mind.

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