How to Get a Head

I’m not sure what this has to do with education, learning, knowledge transfer, or anything else I usually write about. It just struck me as … relevant? You decide.

A leading neurosurgeon has revealed a project to carry out the first human head transplantation with spinal linkage with the next two years. The project is code-named HEAVEN / GEMINI. Read more here … Is this immortality? Can we finally forget about uploading what we know into the cloud? Could Stephen Hawkins head be put onto a healthy body? Does anyone reading this doubt it is a possibility?



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  1. Rutwin · July 7, 2013

    Hi David, thanks for sharing this intriguing topic (with an even more interesting title, which initially made me think that I was about to read an article devoted to sexual education:)

    To answer your question regarding the possibility of such a human head/body transplantation:

    YES, definitely possible. Feasible? NO

    When in 2012 the media reported on a “possible HIV cure”. The man in Berlin, who had HIV but was tested negative after having had a bone-marrow transplantation. However, the reality is ofcourse that we hardly can speak of a (feasible)cure. The risks involving such a transplantation are extremely high – success rate depends on several factors and varies in patients; ranging from a feasible 75% chance on survival for some, to a mere 10% in others. (not considering all the complications that may occur before, during, and after the transplantation)

    Since the topic of human head/body transplantation is IMO worth at least a few minutes of our time, I would like to add some additional info which, hopefully, you and readers of your blog might find interesting and educational….(or just plain horrific)

    In the late 1930’s to 1950’s several experiments were carried out by the Russian scientist Vladimir Demikhov involving organ transplants and organ resuscitation. A series of these experiments have been documented and released as motion pictures.

    I believe that the first human head/body transplant has already been performed a long time ago (albeit in secret and likely to have been unsuccessful)


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