Sex, Bitcoin, and the Blockchain Brothel


I’m always trying to learn something new. Every day…

So last night I was out with a friend of mine who is fabulously wealthy and amazingly smart. And we were eating dinner and talking about investments, retirement, 401K’s, reverse mortgages, and the California housing market after the fires. It was a calm and educational meal and then, over coffee and whisky (single malt of course), I mentioned the word …


Twenty minutes of surprising ranting followed from my usually low-key and reasonable friend, and the upshot of his lecture – enjoyed by all the nearby diners – was “Bitcoin is bullshit, it’s for suckers with more money than brains, it’s gambling pure and simple!”

I let it go, we parted amicably, and I forgot about that part of the conversation until this morning in a steamy shower.

Bitcoin is gambling. So why not open an online bitcoin casino? The more I thought about the idea the more I liked it. A place online where you could only gamble with bitcoins. Since bitcoins are not recognized as real by any government in the world, there would be no regulation. Or even better taxation. You win you keep it all. You lose I get it all.

It could have all the features of any casino. Cards. Dice. Slots. Even a roulette wheel. Plus, it could add sports betting, already online, only it would be better. No government to get in your way. Bitcoins only. It would be the uber-site of gambling – gambling with currency that was based on gambling. Gambling gambling squared!

I would include The Bitcoin Bar where, over virtual drinks, you could exchange stories about fighting in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency wars. It would be like a global community. Meet fellow bitcoiners. And other cryptocurrency lovers. Maybe even meet IRL. Who knows there might even be a marriage or two to brag about someday.

And then there could be the VR Blockchain Brothel. Let’s get real. Pornography was the midwife for the Internet. Why not step it up a notch and provide the best and newest in VR sex? Need VR headgear? We sell it. Or provide it as a perk to our Golden Members Only Club.

I even had a name: The New Goldrush Casino. Now I just need to find investors who want to put their bitcoins to work.

Sorry, gotta run … haven’t checked the latest up or down news on my bitcoins in the last 5 minutes. That’s a lifetime in cryptocurrency years!


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