The War of the Management Worlds

There’s a battle going on in the world that most people have never heard about that will soon rock your work world.

On one side we have the management and learning models developed during the Industrial Revolution when most people made things and companies needed to manage hands. This old 19th-century approaches and models are so entrenched we still use them by default today.

On the other side is a new smart model of management and learning born in the 1980’s that is spreading across industries and countries at an increasingly rapid rate. It reflects the fact that most people today work with their minds and we need to learn to manage minds. Some companies around the world are learning how to do it. Soon all companies will need to follow the leaders or they will be out of business.

Managing hands or managing minds is a choice that will dictate whether your organizations succeeds or fails as the Knowledge Economy grows. Learn more about it in our recent podcast with Andi Simon workplace anthropologist.


Do you work? I bet you do. Listen in on my conversation with Stephen Gill and David Grebow about the changes taking place all around you in how you work. We have moved from building things with our hands to thinking things and creating them with our minds. Today’s “knowledge worker” in a tech startup is very different from the line worker in a plant, yet so many of our businesses have paid little attention to the changes happening every second. Don’t miss this!

Whether you are a college president or a college student, a worker or a boss, a leader or a manager—the times have changed and they are not going to stop, or even slow down. Time to pause and see work in a new way.

As Stephen and David describe it:

“For the first time in history, in the last 50 years, most people have been using their minds to produce work. We no longer need to manage hands; we have no choice but to restructure our organizations and change our approach to management and learning to reflect this historic change. In this mind-intensive knowledge economy, we must learn to manage minds to get the smartest, most creative, and most innovative results.”

Many companies have taken the lead in learning new ways to manage people.

They are discovering what it takes to enable people to grow and perform at their peak, professionally and personally. In this podcast, you will hear all about what you can do to build your organization around today’s knowledge workers.


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