A Piece of Cake!

I’ve been a long-time advocate for moving education out of the analog past into the digital future. And I’ve reported a lot of great changes that are happening in this blog. Well it’s my pleasure to introduce another that is not only a brilliant use of the internet but incredibly timely.

There’s a tremendous need in this country for education for school children with special needs. One of those special needs is in the area of speaking and communicating. There are now – and have been for several years – more kids who need help than there are Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs).

Enter the internet and the brilliant program put together by Presence TeleCare.

Watch the video by Dr. Shari Robertson, Professor of Speech/Language Pathology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and then take a look at the Presence TeleCare site. Make sure to let people you know who work as SLPs, teachers, administer school systems or parents with children that the site is up and ready. Think about all the kids who need the help the site can provide, but are not getting it because of cutbacks in school funding across the country.


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