Unemployed? Forget Training.

I’m posting this for two reasons.

I initially thought it was funny. So haha …

Then I heard today about a job posting that said “Please do not apply if you are currently unemployed for more than one year.”

Please do not apply if you are currently unemployed … I am, as the Brits and others say, gobsmacked.

Here’s a quote from one of the stories:

“While refusal to consider the unemployed is sometimes overtly noted in ads, at NELP we also hear regularly from unemployed workers — mostly older workers — who, despite years in the labor force and significant directly relevant experience, are nevertheless told they will not be referred or considered for employment once recruiters or potential employers learn they are not currently working,” she told the commission.”

So where does that leave all the talk about training and retraining and more training and new skills training and …

When a cartoon, that in better times made me laugh as someone who valued and promoted education and training, becomes a reality for millions of people, I start to wonder.

Should anyone raise their hand when asked if they need more training? Or just go the informal route, and learn what they need to know and know-how to do as quietly and safely as possible?

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