THE Future of Education is Blended Learning

This is a MUST WATCH for anyone interested in the future of what we today call the K-12 grades. And if the past gives us any signage on the road to the future, it also is about the way we will learn in colleges, universities, corporations and other organizations.

There are not many people today who have a clear crytal ball on the future of education. Not surprising since the past has become something of a mashup of approaches, methods and ideas. The majority of which do not work if you know the stats.

I believe  Tom Vander Ark is the exception. He is the leading education futurist and chair of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning. If you want more than you’ll get from this great video – and I know you will – you can read his new book  Getting Smart: How Personal Digital Learning is Changing the World. Tom is also  investor in General Assembly (see this month’s Fast Company Life in Beta) through his education-focused venture fund Learn Capital.  I also recommend the Fast Company article.

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