Asleep at Midnight


Wisdom about education comes at us from many sources these days. I found this on TED (no surprise there). What is a surprise is that the presenter is a former teacher, and what he learned about “smart failure” is a lesson that is not only relevant for education, it is relevant for everyone everywhere who was, as he says, “…asleep at midnight when all the rules changed.”

The implications are profound. Eddie Obeng is one of the few on this planet who can see the forest and the trees, who gets it – that we have moved from one paradigm to another and most of us still operate in the old one. To move forward – in the classroom, in the workplace, in our own lives – we need to accept that fact and begin to fail smartly if we are ever to succeed.

The world is changing much more rapidly than most people realize, says business educator Eddie Obeng — and creative output cannot keep up. In this spirited talk, he highlights three important changes we should understand for better productivity, and calls for a stronger culture of “smart failure.”

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