How to Really Measure Schools

This TED presentation by Andreas Schleicher talks about the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a way to measure the what makes a school system work. Andreas Schleicher walks us through the PISA test, a global measurement that ranks the schools in one countries against another.

The point worth listening to is how that test data is then used to help schools improve. Watch to find out where your country stacks up, and learn the surprising single factor that makes some systems outperform others.

Spoiler Alert: We are NOT Number One and have not been for quite awhile.

Like moving graveyards …

I have my own approach which is close enough that I liked the PISA model. It’s more longitudinal and without computers would be virtually impossible to measure. It looks at how well a school is doing to prepare students to be better humans in general, and smarter, more creative, collaborative, critical thinking and innovative employees in particular. It’s not about tests but about the kind of people schools produce. They were after all established to be factories for learning, filling the little growing buckets, prepping them to become docile worker bees and happy consumers. Welcome the 21st century and a world that is no longer playing catch-up but catch-me-if-you-can.

If anyone reading this is paying attention, please leave a comment. I’m beginning to think, after years of saying this in a variety of ways, that I’m talking to my self.

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